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Amazon Clone

A full-stack eCommerce app that allows users to purchase, edit, remove items, and make a purchase with Stripe. Also, users can sign up and login their accounts to get their purchase history.

React HooksReduxContext APIMaterial UIFirebaseStripeExpress
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Covid-19 Tracker

Track live data of Covid 19 cases, deaths and recovered. Users can see the total cases by country from the table, also see every day cases from the info boxes and map.

React HooksLeaflet JSMaterial UIChart JSFirebaseDisease API
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Face Recognition App

React app built with Clarifai Face Recognition API. User authentication is secured through bcrypt and data is stored through knex PostGres. Users can sign in and sign up and whenever they make a new search for an image, their point increases.

React TachyonsPostgresqlKnexj.sExpressClarifai API
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Apple Website

Fully Responsive Apple eCommerce website with Vanilla Javascript and advanced 3D effect with CSS.

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Movie app

Search for any movie and see the each movie detail with its budget information, cast, plot, revenue and budget. User can scroll through the movies infinitely with the Load More button.

React HooksNetlifyTMDB APILocal storageSession storage
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My first portfolio website built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

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Facebook Developer Circles Challenge

Wrote a step by step tutorial using Facebook technologies. My project is based on the Beginner level React JS. Created different components explaining how each of them is working, supported with visuals and code explanations. In the end, I made a demo project to show how we can use those concepts in a real-life app.

React HooksDocusaurusGithub Deployment
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Trivia Quiz

The app shows trivia questions coming from Trivia API, user can see their score and play again after the game finishes. The project uses Typescript for type checking and styled-components for the styling.

TypeScriptReactStyled ComponentsTrivia API
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Chat Room App

Full-stack React and Firebase application. I have used Firebase Cloud Functions for sending real-time notifications and Service Workers to send background notifications. Also, implemented Authentication with Facebook, and Google. Check out the GitHub README for more information.

Firebase AuthFirebase Cloud FunctionsReact Context HookRSuiteService WorkerFirebase Real-time DatabaseFirebase Storage

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